Long to Short Hair Transformation

2019-06-03 21:14 #0 by: Leia

Hair that is cool for the summer Smug

Even though I swore to always keep my hair long after having a horrendous short cut when I was 11, over a decade later I decided to go back on my word and go short!

It was a big decision for me as I was scared I wouldn't suit the length and if I hated it would take a good few years to ever get it to the length I had it. However, I considered my face shape (square) which looks best with hair around it. I then considered my hair as it was which took hours to wash, dry and style so I found myself shoving it up in a bun which did not flatter my face. I'm not a talented hairstylist and I'm too lazy to look after it properly so short seemed the best answer. 

I decided to go darker to match my natural eyebrow colour and I asked for a blunt one-length cut just passed my collar bones. For me, it is the ideal length for a long to short transition as it is short enough that it feels lighter and healthier but long enough so I wasn't shocked and hated it!

The pictures are my after and before, I hadn't brushed/styled through my hair or hand it cut in a year so it definitely looked worse than how it was but you can truly see the difference a good chop can make!

I will do a follow-up post in the coming weeks to see how I get on with it and in what ways I think it can be best styled!

All the best, Leia

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2019-06-04 07:28 #1 by: Evelina

Looks so much healthier! I also need a good trim soon. It’s coming up to be almost 10 months since I cut it last 😱

I’ve always gotten my hair blunt cut on the ends as opposed to layers but I’m thinking about getting some long layers, especially to frame my face.

Why did you opt for a blunt cut?

2019-06-04 08:41 #2 by: Niklas

Interesting flower wall. 🙂 The chair you sit on, is that where you got your cut? It looks very uncomfortable.

I wouldn’t call your new hair length short, but it looks good. 😀

2019-06-04 16:55 #3 by: Leia

#1 I just thought it would look healthier and appear more freshly cut for longer! Also, if I go travelling and wanted to get it cut a new/unfamiliar salon it would be less likely for them to mess it up Laughing out loud

#2 The flower was gorgeous, the flowers covered the whole thing!! I sat in the chair for almost 2 hours and thought nothing of it Glad

All the best, Leia

Host of  Gluten-Free Living | News  | English Language Heart

2019-06-07 17:27 #4 by: Evelina

#3 good points! I felt the same about it looking healthier. I’m divided on whether to do the same or switch it up with layers!


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