Triple layer tease hair brush & spiral hair ties

2018-06-22 01:02 #0 by: Evelina

I purchased this teaser hair brush which is a cheap version of the popular Mason Pearson hair brush. I bought this one for only 5$ from Sally's Beauty supply. This hair brush is supposed to be better for styling your fringe so that you don't get  gaps and separations in your hair. 

I also picked up these plastic spiral hair ties. I have heard really good things from friends and just had to buy them when I saw them at the beauty supply store. The pack was costed about 6$ and included 7 hair ties with different natural colors. 

2018-06-22 15:32 #1 by: jadekintz

I have never heard of a teaser brush but I may need to look into it nowGlad

2018-06-23 19:42 #2 by: Evelina

I love it! It’s great for teasing hair and to help with frizzy hair

2018-06-25 22:22 #3 by: jadekintz

I totally have that issue especially with my hairs length, I have resorted to keeping my hair braided most days

2018-06-26 09:23 #4 by: Maddie

I love those spiral hair ties. I have the original(?) ones invisibobble, those are great. Glad


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