Hair Straightening Brush (Bargain!)

2018-06-11 15:04 #0 by: Leia

Yesterday I managed to pick up this hair straightening brush for the amazing price of £3 down from £15 in Primark! The box was in a bad way and it was the last on the shelf but the brush inside was in great condition.

This product is no way the best, it takes a good few minutes to heat up, you need to make sure your hair is completely brushed through beforehand (otherwise its pulls and will not go through my thick hair at least) and the look I achieved in ten minutes would have probably taken me 2 minutes if I had just used my normal GHD's.

Nevertheless, unlike my GHD's this product offers temperature level choice between 80-230 degrees, this is great if you want less heat on your hair. I found it was also easier to style the hair at the front of my face, and was generally more relaxing to use rather than needing a brush in one hand and my GHD's in the other. 

Perhaps for £15, there may be better products on the market at just a little bit higher, although it certainly works for a budget tool. For £3 it was definitely worth it as I will keep it at my boyfriends so I don't need to take my main straighteners with me every time. 

Let me know if you use a hair straightening brush!

All the best, Leia

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2018-06-12 05:17 #1 by: Maddie

I never use heat, but I have been thinking about getting some kind of tool to style my hair. Glad £3 seems like a bargain, good for you! Glad


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