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2018-03-15, 15:15

Hairstyles when sleeping

How do you wear your hair to bed? In a braid, a bun or loose?

2018-03-15, 15:17

I always have my hair in a braid when I sleep, if I would have it loose it would get too tangled!

2018-03-15, 16:56

I have to wear my hair in a braid when sleeping.

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2018-03-16, 15:34

I wear a low, loose ponytail to hold it together without creating any kinks that need straightening out in the morning.

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2018-03-23, 17:28

I wear it loose, my hair doesn't (thank hairgod) tangle.

2018-03-25, 18:48

I wear a braid but my hair gets messy that way also, but is less in the way than loose Laughing I am considering getting some kind of sleeping bonnet.

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