Loréal Paris Elvital Dream Length Review

2018-06-11 06:33 #0 by: Maddie

Loréal Paris Elvital Dream Length Review

General Info:
Price range: Budget
Quantity: 250ml (shampoo), 200ml (conditioner), 300ml (mask)
CO-wash friendly: No, contains dimethicone and amodimethicone

The reviewer:
Hairtype: Thick, coarse, dyed, normal to dry, waist long
Routine: Washing and conditioning once or twice a week
Styling: Brushing and braiding, not much else

I got my boyfriend to pick up this series for me when he when grocery shopping after I had read some positive reviews and couldn’t be bother to do more research about which salon products to choose. I have used the products for over a month now, which I feel is long enough for a proper review.

The scent of these products are sweet and somewhat fruity. I don’t personally like these kinds of scents, but I can see it being pleasing to the general masses. I don’t find the scent being particularly overpowering and I can still wear perfume after a shower without the scents clashing.

The overall experience in the shower is quite nice. The products feels a bit watered down and I need more product using this then with more high end hair care, but this is common with less expensive products. The shampoo lathers nicely and the conditioner and hair mask distributes nice in the hair and are easy to rinse out.

The shampoo and conditioner comes in the standard Loréal Paris bottles, the conditioner being turned with the opening upside down and the mask comes in a jar style container. The packaging is a nice orange with hot pink accents, a real pick me up in the shower and very summery. I imagine I will get bored of these bright coloured bottles eventually, but right now I quite like them.

Overall, I like the result I get with these products. The hair feels clean, soft and easy to comb through. The products won’t last that long since it contains a fair bit of water, but if you don’t have an excessive amount of hair you will still get a solid month or two put of these products, depending on how often you wash your hair. With the price of the range, this is completely justified.

This is not a miracle worker by any means, but it is the best low priced hair series I have tried.

2018-06-11 14:47 #1 by: Leia

You've summed these products up lovely! I've just bought two big bottles of shampoo and conditioner but when they run out I'm going to definitely try these out!

It sounds like we have a similar hair type so hopefully it would suit me well. I do find I get greasy hair quite quick, do you think the mask may make this worse?

All the best, Leia

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2018-06-12 05:15 #2 by: Maddie

#1 I don't really have a problem with greasy hair. Maybe I get a little bit greasier hair with this then if a use something more deep cleaning shampoo, but I can easily go half a week without washing my hair. I use the mask everytime I wash it but maybe you would only need it every other time. Glad

2018-06-12 10:33 #3 by: Leia

Noted! Thank-you Glad

All the best, Leia

Host of  Gluten-Free Living | News  | English Language Heart


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