How to take care of you hair in the summer

2018-05-15 12:51 #0 by: Maddie

If you live in the northern hemisphere, summer is right around the corner. Maybe you live somewhere with hot weather all year round, or maybe you are just starting to feel the vitamin D fill up again after a long dark winter. Either way, you might need some tips for how to best take care of your hair in the heat!

What happens to the hair in the summer?
You hair faces many struggles in the summer, the most obvious being the sun and the heat. High heat and direct sunlight will make you hair dryer and more at risk of breaking. The sun will also lighten the hair to some extent, which may be great new for all you people trying to get lighter but frustration for those who will need to re-dye their hair for the bazillion time this year.

Chlorine and saltwater are other issues. It dries out the hair and chlorine can even discolor lighter hair – the infamous green pool hair.

What to do?
Well, the easiest solution is just to avoid heat, the sun, pools or the ocean. This is easiest done with a hat or a scarf tied around the head. There are also some styling products with SPF. When swimming, try to keep the hair out of the water or rinse afterwards in cold freshwater.

Some additional tips:

  • When on the beach tanning, bring a hair mask. Wrap a towel around your head so it doesn’t dry out.
  • Be gentle when putting your hair up, hair can get real tangly after a swim in the ocean. Try a hairstick! 
  • Can’t find a hat you like? Turn a snapback around and hide a bun under the shade.

2018-05-15 17:13 #1 by: Leia

Great tips! The sun is not my hairs friend, it makes it go really light and I prefer it darker.

All the best, Leia

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2018-05-16 20:29 #2 by: jordan

Great tips! I never realised how damaging the sun could be to hair, as I tend to think of it hurting skin more.

2018-05-31 21:37 #3 by: jadekintz

Never thought of a hair scarf when swimming in chlorine, my hair turns horribly  green if exposed to the chemicals. Awesome tips :) 


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