How long is your hair?

2018-03-15 13:01 #0 by: Maddie

Here is a little guide to the terms generally used when speaking about the lenght of ones hair.

1 Chin Lenght (CL)
2 Shoulder Lenght (SL)
3 Armpit Lenght (APL)
4 Brastrap Lenght (BSL)
5 Mid Back Lenght (MBL)
6 Waist Lenght (WL)
7 Tailbone Lenght (TBL)
8 Classic
9 Thigh Lenght
10 Knee Lenght
11 Calf Lenght
12 Ankle Lenght

2018-03-15 15:50 #1 by: Tammie

My hair length is currently a #7.Horrified

Happy creating!


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2018-03-17 11:25 #2 by: Evelina

My hair is #3! maybe a bit shorter 

2018-03-19 08:04 #3 by: Niklas

My hair length isn't covered in the chart. :-)

2018-03-20 20:48 #4 by: jordan

#3 Neither is mine Crying I guess mine got close to chin length once upon a time though!

2018-03-22 10:47 #5 by: Maddie

Mine is in between 5 and 6 I think.

2018-03-23 16:18 #6 by: vendelay

My hair is at 4 Glad

2018-03-25 17:00 #7 by: Jenny

Between 8 and 9, so a little past classic length Glad

2018-03-28 20:44 #8 by: Tealover

Now mine is #1 but the longest I have had was #9. I was planning to go for terminal but my doughter had other plans

2018-04-12 15:23 #9 by: Emmy

Mine is a 6, almost 7. Although I think it will be about a 5 when I've cut off the damaged hair.. Sad

- Emmy

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2018-04-20 22:15 #10 by: Tealover

Correction I just realised that my hair is a 2. It was cut to 1 just before x-mas though


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